Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been tagged!

10 random things about me.

1. I LOVE to cook, I cook dinner everynight and I love to try new things.

2. I can make a dolphine noise and a car alarm noise.

3. I had to get my wisdom teeth out a month after giving birth to Jarren. In which I got an infection and dry sockets, not the best experience.

4. I had to have two toe nails removed after having my wisdom teeth removed because of how much swelling I had in my feet while pregnant. (the first two months after birth were from heck.)

5. In the past 5 years something bad has always happened on my birthday, some of which include: 2 family friends died on my birthday in different years, knee surgery, a colonoscopy... the list goes on.

6. I love to scrapbook. Unfortunantly my wedding scrapbook is put on hold for now, while I'm working on Jarren's. I want to try to keep up with his growth rather than go back and do it all at once.

7. I love to sew, I've made several quilts and clothing in my life time. Latest was Jake's Utah Jazz quilt for his birthday.

8. I go ghost hunting with my friends.

9. I've lived in 7 different cities in two states. But 18 out of 21 years have been in Utah.

10. I hate chocolate.


Nicki said...

you forgot the dutch

Ali Seaman said...

how can you hate chocolate? Who hates chocolate??? love the rest. pretty funny. and sad. ah.