Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleep Talking

I have to write this down before I forget haha!

Jake went to bed earlier than me tonight since he has to wake up early. I walked into our room and he sat straight up and was about to get out of bed and I asked:
"Where are you going?"

To which he responds

"Just seeing which part of the red one it was"

"What is the red one?"

"It's part of the final destination exam."

hahahahaha He layed back down and so I went and layed beside him and kept trying to ask him about it but he told me to stop picking on I never found out what exactly the destination exam was for. I wonder what that dream was about. I'll have to ask him tomorrow.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Cousin's baby

I did some pictures of my cousin's baby on Saturday. She was adorable, I loved it. There seems to be controversy over naked baby pictures. Check out my photo blog and let me know what you think. I also did my friends 8 month old baby the same day and will be posting pictures of that soon. Here's a preview of my cousin's little girl.

Pictures as promised

I love these pajama's, they look like he's a little candy cane. He will stick out his stomach sometimes and it makes it look even bigger. It's so funny.

He loves to stand at our window in the front room and point at grandma's house. Then he will look at me and say "gama, papa?" Like he wants to go visit them. Sometimes I have to say no and he throws the BIGGEST fit! He loves going to visit Grama and Papa.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's been long enough..

Wow, I used to be good at this thing. Then life catches up with you. I don't really have any pictures for you right now. Sorry, I know, what is a blog post without any pictures?! ...well it's just me rambling.

Jarren is getting so big, I can't believe it at all. The other night he woke up around..5ish I believe? And Jake went to go climb in bed with him so that I could sleep longer since I had to get up for work around 8. Well...I was awake before my alarm went off, just laying in bed and next thing I know, my door is opening up and Jarren is standing there. He just says "Hi" and has this huge grin on his face. I asked where daddy was and he pointed to his room. So I said go lay down with daddy and he shook his head no and said "nu-uh" and I told him to lay down with him again and he gave me the same respone. Finally he just closed my door and I hear him go and close his door...then he goes and knocks on Brittney's door...He's 1 1/2 and has morning rounds!! haha.

He's learning new things everyday, but I think for the most part what amazes me is how tall he's getting. He's so big. I'll have to take a picture soon and post it.

Anyway, summer time is coming...slowly. Hopefully this means, lots of lawn care clients and lots of photography clients. Both good things for us. If you know anyone that wants or needs our services send them our way!