Monday, March 23, 2009

My Cousin's baby

I did some pictures of my cousin's baby on Saturday. She was adorable, I loved it. There seems to be controversy over naked baby pictures. Check out my photo blog and let me know what you think. I also did my friends 8 month old baby the same day and will be posting pictures of that soon. Here's a preview of my cousin's little girl.


Juls said...

I LOVED them! I hope you know that you did an AMAZING job!!!

Juls said...

Here is what my mom said on my blog,

Hahaha. I loved Aaron's comment. My mom took naked baby pictures of me and then showed them to everyone forever. I was mortified. If you will recall you have no naked baby pictures of yourself. (Except maybe in the bathtub where your bare bum is not exposed.) But I have to say, all of the pictures that Jessie took are incredible works of art. The flower looks like it is part of a work of art. You have 4 very photogenic children. Mom

From Julie- That is funny because one of my favorite pictures of me as a baby is where I am sitting in the sink (I think at 6 months) taking a "bath" I was naked.

I guess everyone has their opinion on the subject!

The Collins Family said...

So cute Jessica! you always do a great job:)