Thursday, July 31, 2008


Now that I have real internet and I'm not having to sit against the wall in our front room to steal internet from my parents wireless, I can post my pictures.

New bedroom #1

New Bedroom #2

And finally the beautiful (Sarcastic) bedroom we reside in.

And just in case you can't see the wall paper well enough:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Project one, done.

It has taken me a while to do some real updates, so here is a posting for all you readers out there.

Last Tuesday I threw my back out of place somehow. I went to the chiropractor and he popped it and I had to come back again on wednesday. This time when I went back and he popped it into place it hurt EXTREMELY bad. I would almost say I was in more pain then when I was giving birth. Anyway so I had to go to this Spinal Aide centers for America thing and they strapped me up to electro shock stuff and long story short I'm slowly getting better. But...I would probably be getting better faster if I wasn't working on our house! I'm ok with working on the house though.

We had two bedrooms I wanted to get painted before we moved in. Bedroom #1 will be Rob's room and bedroom #2 will be Jarren's room. I want to do our room more than I want to do theirs, but we won't be able to finish that in time for us to move in. I'm guessing we will do it around the end of the year. It has wall paper from the ceiling to the floor. Really really ugly flower wallpaper. I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post them. Anyway here are the before pictures of bedroom #1 and 2. You probably can't see them all that well considering I took the pictures with my phone since I didn't have my camera. Tomorrow I will take pictures with my camera of the finished projects. I think that they turned out really well.

Bedroom #1

You can't really tell from this picture but they had a very badly done paint job of light blue painted on top of a bright purple and bright pink so it was see-through in a lot of areas.

Bedroom #2

They didn't just have this...they had wallpaper ontop of the seam of paint. It was different types of trucks, it was in really bad condition and torn up in several different areas.

We have also cleaned the house...Twice. Once when we were painting I had my sisters clean it, so there wouldn't be so much dust. Then we bug bombed so we could kill off all the little spiders and then I cleaned again tonight. So now I have a mostly clean house (still have all the wood floors and bathroom floors), and a somewhat freshly painted house. Like I said I will get more pictures tomorrow and upload them if I have a chance tomorrow night.
So here is the rest of my 2 weeks. We move in all our stuff by Wednesday. I have to then unpack everything by Monday July 28th since we are doing Jarren's birthday party at our house. I will be cooking and preparing and decorating all day on his birthday. Then after his birthday I have until the 31st of July to get our Apartment completely clean so we can get a return on our deposit. Then I have a baby shower to throw with my sister-in-laws on Friday August 1st, a baby shower to attend on the 2nd and my anniversary will be on the 11th, but we will be celebrating before then...hopefully. If I can ever figure out something fun to do for cheap.

Oh one more thing...if you know anyone interested in digital invitations or digital announcements that they can print off send them my way. The link to my store at the top of my blog in the right hand corner! Thanks. (they aren't that great yet, but I'm working on them.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keys please

It's very official now! We have the keys and the garage door opener. We start painting this week and move in hopefully sometime next week while Jake has work off. WOOT!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tagged - since I have time on my hands...

1- Jake & Jarren
2- Slurpee or hot chocolate night with Nicki

3- My family

1- Spiders: ever since one bit my leg and gave me a staph infection, I have to have Jake kill them.
2- Loosing Jake or Jarren- I seriously think about it all the time and I don't know why.
3- anything

1- Blogging
2- Jarren's birthday party...I know I know he's only turning one.
3- Packing...again.

1- Ummm... I love to read?
2- I know a lot about computers and how to do things, I just don't know the techincal terms for it.
3- hmmm....I make dolphin and car alarm sounds.


5 people?? I thought this was sets of three?

1- Nickikit...yes you have to do another one.
2- Kirk...DO owe me.
3- Jessica, even though she was tagged in Jenn's
4- My mom, though she won't do it.
5- ...anyone else who reads it and wants to do it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When to stop nursing...

If you can't handle seeing someone nurse, don't watch this. But it is distrubing and wrong.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Good news! We are getting the house. We offered, they counter-offered, and tomorrow afternoon we are going to call and say that we accept! We move stuff over around July 25th. That weekend sometime. We get to have Jarren's 1st birthday party there! YAY!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone had a happy, safe 4th of July! We sure did! Pictures/videos to come later.