Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Art and Mastery...

Of a Sippy Cup. I bought Jarren a sippy cup on Monday since he turned 6 months. It is really funny to sit and watch him try to master it. He will chew on the spout rather than suck on it like he should. I guess since it is not as soft as a bottle nipple he won't suck on it. Eventually he will get the hang of it.

A few other things we have tried in the last 3 days of being 6 months...Banana's, and Gerber Cookies. He LOVES them both. When the banana's were all gone he threw a fit. Same thing with the cookie, but it wasn't even gone, if he dropped it on the floor or down on the high chair's seat he would burst into tears like it was the end of the world.

Things he has learned in the last couple weeks:

1. Lifting his head up and peaking over the bumper on his crib. Now he knows when I'm laying in bed and if he sees me he cries and yells at me.

2. Sticking his tounge out and lifting it up and down

3. Blowing his lips to create spit.

4. My all time favorite...Throwing fits.

He also loves to pull the blanket over his head when he sleeps.


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