Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake...4 days early.

Hubalub's birthday is on Tuesday and we had a "friend party" for him tonight. It was pretty fun. We had lots of pizza, snacks...chips and salsa, Brian's famous GUACAMOLE DIP MMmmmm, some candy and cookies and I made Jake a freakin sweet cake. I haven't made an actual "birthday cake" outside of a pan before, you know where you frost the whole thing and decorate, I thought it turned out pretty well and he loved it so that is all that matters right?

We played games and some of us watched a movie. I believe the party was a success, but that is only one person's opinion.

Happy early Birthday Hubalub!


Juls said...

Cute pictures! I love kids birthdays! I found out the guy that worked with you (the elder in my ward) his name is Tim Hunsaker...ring a bell.

PS I love the pink! That shows you how long it has been since I visited your blog.

Nicki said...

i love kids birthdays too jjajaa and highschool musical. . even though i've never seen it