Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Journaling Purposes: Close to birth

So I wanted to make sure I get this written down since I probably won't remember it in a year or so.

Yesterday I had my first "weekly" appointment with my midwives. They decided to check me at the appointment since I delivered Jarren at 37 weeks and 2 days. Sure enough, I was dilated! Much further than I was with Jarren at this time. When my water broke with Jarren I was only at a 2. When she checked me yesterday I was already at a 4 and 60% effaced! Sweet! She said his head was resting at a station -2, so he was still high and bouncy. That's how Jarren was when I went into labor with him too. After she checked me, she looked at me and smiled and said "Now you know all that pain and pressure wasn't for nothing!" It was so good to hear that, I was worried I had been in all this pain for nothing. Now I just have to watch for contractions!

Also, today I had my chiropractor appointment and when he adjusted my back it made a different noise when popping. It kinda startled me. After adjusting me he asked if I could tell the difference in the sounds of it popping, I said "Yeah! Is it a bad thing?". He told me it wasn't! He said it was a very good thing, that my body is preparing for delivery. He said that your body releases what is called relaxin, and the reason my backed popping sounded different is because it was easier to put it back into place since it was so relaxed. I wasn't sure what relaxin was so he explained it to me. He said your body releases it so that your bones and ligaments can separate for birth. So that the baby is able to make it out of the birth canal. He also told me it isn't long after you body releases this that you go into labor. I just kinda laughed, I still think it is never going to end. He told me to make another appointment for next week but that he doesn't think he will be seeing me again til after the baby is here. Anyway tonight I decided to look it up and see what I could find. I did find this link here.


The Stells! said...

thats so cool! i never heard of the relaxan! What midwifes are you seeing?? When ever we have a next baby (a long time from now :)) i DO NOT want another c section so i think i am going midwife route so just wondering1

Lisa said...

Nice post and well written :-)