Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Madden Drake's Birth Story

My baby was born at 5:52pm on May 11, 2010! I went in for my VBAC (Vaginal birth after c-section) and it was AWESOME!
I arrived at the hospital at 1pm, after my midwife had checked me and sent me to the hospital. We still had to register so Jake ran downstairs while they got me into a gown, IV started and into my bed.

At 1:50 my midwife came in and broke my water. I started having some contractions, but wasn't really feeling them and they weren't very consistent, even after having me try the birthing ball. So at 3pm they started me on the lowest dose possible of Pitocin. (I believe a 2?) They wanted the lowest dose because of the VBAC and we didn't want to chance rupturing the uterus, so they said they would up me every 30 minutes.

So at 3:30 they came in and up-ed it to a 4 (which is what women are usually started at on pit.) I hope I'm getting this number system right, it's just the numbers I saw. Anyway, that's when my contractions started coming more consistently and I could definitely feel them by this point. After about a half an hour, I asked for some drugs to take the edge off. I didn't want an epidural. They said they used Fentanyl.

So they gave me a half a dose and then a half hour later gave me the rest of the dose since I was starting to be in a lot of pain again. I could still feel the contractions with the drug, but it helped me relax more in between contractions.

Around 5 I text my mom and asked her if I were to get an epidural, would I be a wuss. She's been my major support with not having an epidural(along with one of my friends). She said no, but then rushed her butt to the hospital because she wanted to help me push through the pain and not get one.

Once she arrived at the hospital, 5:15, I went from a 7 to a 10 in about 5 minutes flat. I started feeling LOTS of pain. All of a sudden I knew he was coming, I could feel him in the birth canal. They checked me and said it was time to push. At this point I started screaming I wanted an epidural because I couldn't take how fast it went. The guy was in a c-section though and couldn't come. So I started to push.

After a half hour of pushing, my little guy made it into the world at 5:52pm. No epidural, and a VBAC. It was truly amazing and in the end I'm so happy I didn't get the epidural and I was able to push and feel him come out. There is no other feeling like the release of pressure when he comes out. There is no other feeling like the ring of fire either lol, but it's so worth it when they put your baby on your chest. I started to get all choked up because I did not get to have that with Jarren.

We couldn't believe how small he was since his brother was a week and a half earlier than him, an ounce heavier than him and 2 inches longer than him. He's my little peanut.

I will post pictures tomorrow when I have my adapter for my memory card.


Kacy said...

I am glad he is here and healthy. I am so glad you were able to not have to have a C-section and that you stuck it through not having an epidural. It is seriously the most amazing feeling. Way to go!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Wow I am so proud of you! And so happy all went well! Can't wait to see more pics of him!

Adam & Juli said...

COOL JESS! You are superwoman.

James and Monica said...

That is so awesome!! Good for you for the vbac!! That's so awesome!!! And for no epidural! You go girl!!

xantogal said...

Hooray!! :)


Congradulations!!!! I'm so proud and happy for you! I cant wait to see pictures!

Kaskame said...

Babies are really cute!

Jacqui said...

Wonderful! Great job. Congrats!