Saturday, September 20, 2008

Journaling updates

Over the last few weeks we have been working on many projects, so if you don't like long posts or you don't like a lot of pictures, don't keep reading - this will be both.
Remember my post with this LOVELY wallpaper? Well soon (hopefully) it will no longer be there. I've gotten about a full wall of it off, that took me about 4 hours. I started last Saturday and haven't had time to continue since my goal is to have it completely off and painted before Christmas. I will keep you up to date and take several during and after pictures.

Next on the list of my projects --- the pantry! I found this post on tipjunkie's blog. I was inspired...or really tired of having a non-organized pantry.


I went to the dollar store and walmart in search of the cheapest containers I could find. Now it is organized :) Labels and all.


Today while Jarren was running around upstairs instead of in his "cage" in the living room, he discovered what he could do when you pull down the dishwasher door. I went to hurry and get my camera to take a picture and when I came back he had this face....he wasn't sure if he was being cute or if he was in trouble.

Yesterday, I found out from Jake that because of how stressed out I have felt this last week, he and rob were going to take Jarren all day and he bought me a massage at a salon in American Fork, it's called seven salon & spa. I had a swedish massage for an hour, it was heaven.

Anyway, while I was sleeping in this morning and Rob had Jarren, they stole my camera and had some fun. The next two pictures are from that.

Isn't he getting SO big!?

The last couple of weeks we have been trying to work on our front yard, with some help from Rob and my parents we are coming along...slowly. I know we are going to have to get it done before it gets cold, but since it's our only day to really get anything done together it's hard to focus on one project...especially since it is now BYU football season, Jake has to see some part of the game, if not the whole thing.

Anyway, there were TONS of weeds in the front island area and the side of our yard next to the highway was like 10 bush/trees combined into one big one. So we went to work on it.

Here is my man piling branches into the trailer that Rob and my dad cut down.

Here is Rob...don't mess with him and his saw.

This is the side tree/bush thing.

And another angle:

This is the island that my mom and I worked on, you should have seen my mom jump backward 5 ft in one jump when she found wilbur, the snake. I won't even mention how many pregnant wolf spiders we found in there that creeped me out. Ok maybe I will...where my mom is standing there was like a whole village of them.

This picture is the some-what after picture of the side. It looks even better now, these pictures are from about 3 weeks ago.

This is the island some-what. It is now missing half that dirt, we moved it over to the tree/bush area.
And last but not least on my journaling updates: There was a big case lot sale and Maceys, Kohlers, Albertsons and Smiths this weekend. So we went through all the ads to find the cheapest things at each place and went to hit all the sales. We bought stuff from each place since each place had better deals than the others. It took us like 3 hours but we had a lot of good savings. Now my dungeon closet actually looks like a cold storage! Some what... and what cold storage could go without a million boxes of XanGo? Not ours ha.

That is the end of our updates..for now.
Except...again, I will advertise for myself. If you know anyone who needs photography done please send them here or here. Thanks!


Jess Derek and Jacquelyn said...

your website is way cute!! i love it! your pics are super good too! Keep it up! :)

Shannon said...

Looks like you're having so much fun with your camera!

Juls said...

Wow your yard looks GREAT! It is such hard work keeping up a house.

I admire all your shelves in your storage room. I went to those stores and got a lot of things and my husband reminded me we didn't have a place to put them...all in due time.

Is there a place you can bring your yard waste?