Friday, September 12, 2008

A few new things..

Besides my camera, I should probably post a few more updates.

First off, a Photography note, if you have any family, couple, baby or children photography done by me starting now until December 1st, you will receive 3 free Christmas Card layouts of your choice. So Schedule an appointment now. Either, leave comments, email me ( or call me, for those of you that know my number.
A Jarren note. I think that I'm never going to get my child out of my bed. EVER...well maybe when he turns 19 we will have to ween him from our bed so he can go on a mission. He goes to bed in his own bed around 9:30 and by 2am he is awake again, unless we give him a bottle and lay him in bed with us, he is up for hours! So I give in, get his bottle and put him inbetween us. The problem with this is...well one, we don't get our own bed but mostly...I don't get a bed. Either he turns sideways inbetween me and Jake and kicks me out of the bed with his feet (He doesn't do that to Jake), or he just keeps rolling into me until I move, and takes over my side. See below, these are two of his favorite positions in my bed. Both on my side. If he isn't on exactly my side he is laying sideways taking up both of our sides so I end up laying sideways on the bed with my head half hanging off and my feet dangling off Jake's side. Jake leaves for work around 2 or 3 each morning, so he doesn't get included in this morning ritual. I swear it will never end. It started when we moved into the house, which is when he got his own room. I've tried everything, including trying to let him cry it out...he will just cry and cry and cry and get the point. I gave up. Any ideas are appreciated.

On a ME note, I got my hair done. I wanted to keep the length cause I'm trying to grow it out, but I needed a change. So I went darker, once again. I also added bangs and more layers that I can make messy and cute. It's fun, I'm just trying to get used to looking in the mirror and seeing hair in my face...I haven't had bangs for almost 3 years now. Even then, they weren't this thick.

On a Me and Jake note...Lawn care is slowly coming to an end. We loved the extra income while it lasted, but now we are going to jump back into WFG. Jake's determined to get a few promotions by December. I'm proud of him. (It helps that I bribed him with a 4 day trip to NY to see his buffalo bills play live and stay in buffalo for 2 days and then go to New York City for 2 days...ok ok some of it is for my enjoyment also, I want to take pictures there so bad!)


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

My suggestion is to close your door, close his door, turn a fan on, use ear plugs, etc., etc. and let him cry until he's so exhausted he can't help but fall asleep. Do everything you can to ignore him. It may sound cruel, but he needs to learn to go back to sleep on his own. It won't be the last time he complains/throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his way...He will fall asleep eventually.

It may take a week of that before he'll stay asleep through the night (believe me, it's pretty hellish, so do every thing you can so you can't hear his cries), but it's better to do it now while he's still in a crib than to wait until he's in a "big boy" bed and can really easily climb out and walk into your room.

You are looking SO THIN!! WOW. I think the hair looks nice.

Jess Derek and Jacquelyn said...

Yuck jackie was a bed sleeper too tell I got up the courage to get her to sleep in her own bed at 7 months. We had to let her cry, but i could not do the let them cry tell they went to sleep. Then someone told me what they tried was they would let their baby cry for 10 minutes if they were still crying go back in and lay them down and then the same thing if they are still crying go back in. It worked great for Jackie it took 3 days untill she was sleeping through the night, now she will sleep for 8 hours then we just give her a bottle and she sleeps for 3-4 more. But it sucks i would have to leave and sit out side because i could not take the crying, but you got to be strong and it pays off in the end! Good luck :)

Juls said...

All my kids were horrible sleepers in our bed (I tried and it DIDN'T work!) I agree with Celia and Jess that you just have to stick it out. It will be hard (I have done it three times and it is!) but in the end you will get your bed back.

Juls said...

PS love the hair