Friday, September 5, 2008

google it!

Google it!
Go to google images and type in your own answers for the topics below. Pick your favorite image on the first 3 pages of results and post.

1. First Name: Jessica 2. Middle Name: Ann

3. Last Name: Oliverson (My baby was on there!)
4. Bad Habit: chewing gum?

5. What am I doing right now: Cooking Dinner

6. Grandma's Name: Zena

7. A pet I have had: Sugar

45. My first job: Kountry Korner Grill

34. My age: 22

379. Where I grew up: Highland, UT

23. A past love: snowboarding

1. One of my best friends nicknames: Nickikit

It gave me pictures from my blog

2983472. One of my favorite places: Hawaii

tag others:

And anyone else who wants to do it that reads my blog.


Nicki said...

haha i'm glad you kept all my numbers the same. .

Reagan said...

i like your blog background and header. so cute. PS what is the jessica? what is that?