Friday, August 15, 2008

subjects needed

Here is an email I sent out to friends and family...if I didn't include you on the email it is because I didn't have your email on that account. But the same applies to you.

Hi Everyone,
I figure if I'm going to start my business by word of mouth, family and friends are the best way to do that! After several years of photography I've decided to start my own little business,on the side, doing what I love!
I need to get some more experience in certain fields though, and in order to do that I'm offering to do some stuff for free. If any of you know anyone in Utah who need the following types of photographs taken or would just be willing to be my guinea pigs I would love for you to give them my contact information!
Here is what I need some practice in and I will do the sessions for free! Next to the type of photography is the number of different families I need.
3 Family Photo sessions (including couples only)
2 Weddings
2 Bridals
2 Engagements (I already have one lined up, but 2 others would still be nice)
2 Children (baby photos included)
2 Custom (Could be sports, senior pictures, bands etc.)

I also do baby announcements, and since I'm trying to get experience in the "baby category" I will do a 2 layouts for them for $10.

I don't do the printing...yet :) so what I do is put everything on a CD and then they can get the specific pictures they want developed wherever they want. If any of you want any of these photos done for you let me know as soon as possible because I would love to do them for free for you!

My website is I will constantly update with new photos on there. That way you can see my type of photography.

Anyway, my contact information for Jao Photography is:

(I had my phone number here but I'm not listing it on a website so email me if you want to talk on the phone and I will email it back to you)

Let me know as soon as possible!

I will be doing photography anyday in the evenings and on Saturdays. Thanks everyone!!