Thursday, August 28, 2008

About me

I figured I should blog something actually about me. Lately it's been Jarren and Photography. (Thanks to everyone who sent people my way for pictures, I've been booked! I'm going to have to start charging now though.) Anyway, this morning I was super excited. I put on my pair of pants that is a size smaller than what I usually wear, and they FIT! FINALLY! After a year and a half of not being able to wear them. I'm not going to lie, I've been trying them on periodically to see if I can squeeze into them and I would get them buckled up but if I bent over my butt would fall out. This time I didn't have to squeeze and I actually had to use a belt!

It feels good to loose weight. I've officially made it below my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still have 40 more lbs to go. I'm determined. It. Will. Happen.


Kathy Lee said...

Hey Jess, I've been doing some photography for people lately as well. I was looking at your pictures on your website, and think they're super good. A few questions for you, what camera do you use, what other type of equipment do you use (flash/reflector/lenses, etc.)? I've just recently started charging people as well, and I'm wondering what you're thinking would be a reasonable price? I have charged family members anywhere from $20-30 dollars, and I just did a photoshoot for a friend and charged $40 but I think this is totally low-balling it, since other people charge upwards of $100 for shoots. Also, when you take the photos, what is your procedure afterwards? Do you give them a disk with the best pictures on it, or do you just choose the ones you think are the best and touch them up and give them those completed versions? Anywho...and I need to eventually create a website...but haven't gotten to it yet.

JulietB said...

Jess! Congrats on your weight loss! Did you use the diet I told you Nancy did?