Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy birthday to me.'s true, today is my birthday. 22 years! I know that's not old, but it seems like it was just yesterday I met Jake (14 years old) or even got my license.

I'm hoping today goes well. The last 7 years something bad has always happened on my birthday.
16 years old- my friends mom died on my birthday, very emotional, hard day

17 years old- Had a big fight with my then boyfriend, ended up slapping him cause he called me names that were uncalled for and then got a very irritating call from his dad that night saying no matter what his son did I shouldn't have slapped him and he should call the cops on's alright I don't like that whole family anymore.

18 years old - I moved out the day before my 18th birthday so there was no party or happy birthday's or anything. College started like the next day or was just a night of me sitting at my apt with people I didn't know ... not so fun.

19 years old - Had knee surgery 3 days before and was on heavy pain killers in bed all day

20 years old- Just got back from my honeymoon, had ulcers and had to have a colonoscopy...which meant I had to drink a gallon of laxitive that night. AND a close family friend in our ward died...(people like to die on my birthday)

21 years old - It wasn't necessarily BAD, but I had just had a baby and couldn't really do much since I had a c-section I was still healing.

So all my friends, family and loved ones out there...please do not die today ... or call the cops on me, and maybe I'll have a good one this year and break the cycle.


JulietB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaakun said...

so thats why that garbage truck backed into my car this morning... hmmm...

Juls said...

I hope it was a good one! Maybe we will see you at your parents Sunday!