Friday, May 30, 2008


The past two years we have gone camping with Nicki over memorial day weekend. This rained. We knew it would be raining when we left but at least we were prepared.

The night before we left Jarren was throwing up, I thought I had given him a bad bottle but apparently it was the flu, and we left him with Jake's family not knowing that. Then when we left to go camping I started to feel like I was going to throw up. I never did, but I came very close. Then on Sunday Jake got it and threw up in the morning. He barely made it outside the tent, we were VERY happy he did.
We got up to camp saturday night and set up camp, it didn't really rain that night. Sunday night it POURED! It rained so much it that it soaked our rain cover over our tent and started dripping on my face. I didn't get much sleep to say the least. The next night we got a cabin up there. MUCH BETTER SLEEP.

Anyway, that was the nights. During the day we were able to go 4-wheeling and get really muddy, play games, eat food, play sports and hang out. It was really fun, the rain just made it an even better adventure. It was fun, we will probably go again next year..hopefully :)


Nicki said...

I really like your face in the first picture. . jajaja. . we should go again before next memorial day though with maybe a few additions or subtractions? ya know?. . ya know?!

Shannon said...

Is that Robert Oliverson?? Ok, I just put two & two. Is he your brother in law?

Reagan and Jon said...

That looks fun! especially the chocolate...yummmmmm