Thursday, May 8, 2008

9 month stats

Jarren had his 9 month appointment on Tuesday and here are his results:

Height: 29 in.
Percentile: 72%
Weight: 21.14 lbs
Percentile: 69%
Head: 47 1/2 cm
Percentile: 95%

He also had his Polio shot and had his finger poked to check his iron levels..he didn't cry once! What a tough little guy I have. He really liked the bandaids.

He now likes to eat banana chunks and pear chunks...although last night he choked on a pear chunk, that was scary. He also loves peas...though he doesn't chew them he swallows them it's just lovely in his diaper. He likes raisins too and his all time favorites and clubs snack sticks (crackers) and pickles. He still eats cheerios but they are getting too bland for him I think.


Kaakun said...

Thanks for the update Janelle... 9 months... shouldn't you get in the workshop and be making him a new sibling to play with pretty soon?!

Reagan and Jon said...

he is getting big! is he starting to try and walk yet?

Tristan & Jennifer said...

Your baby has a big head! tehe. He's a little cutie. We're going to be in town this weekend -- what are you guys going to be up to? Wanna get together for a movie again or something? We'll be staying until Tuesday.

Ali said...

He is so cute! Love those blue eyes!