Friday, November 2, 2007

Week of Halloween

This week has been a busy Halloween week. We went to the corn maze again (not the haunted part though) with my family, and took Jarren. It was fun, there was a big slide that the kids loved to go down! And Brittney talked Jake into going down it with her. Then for Halloween, Jarren and I dressed up as devils, he was my little devil. :) Jake dressed up (kinda) as a cowboy. We took Jarren trick or treating at my work, they do it every year for the kids. So we got free candy and everyone held Jarren. Then that night, my mom watched Jarren while we went and hung out with our friends. We carved pumpkins (I haven't done that in years!) and watch 1408. That is a scary movie! At least when you haven't watched scary movies in a while. Over all it was a fun week. A Late Happy Halloween to everyone!


Juls said...

Man your sister (on the bale of hay - Katie?) looks a lot like your dad!

The last memory of you guys was when Britany was in 2nd grade and she came home from school and said that she had a boyfriend - I thought MAN she is only in 2nd grade! Now I have a 1st grader and completly understand.

You have all grown up so much! I am excited to moving to UT, maybe I can get to know your family better!