Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tomorrow is officially my last day of work at XanGo. I have been here for 3 years (in december it would have been), it's going to be hard to leave the friends I see everyday, but not so hard to leave the work. :)

I can't wait! This week has been dragging out forever, I just want to get home and be with my baby. I will be working from home for my parents, but it will only be part time and at least with that work I can have Jarren there with me. I have a hard time leaving him at the babysitters every morning, but it is people I trust. (My mom and best friend)

So starting right now I have 29 hours and 42 minutes left until I am officially a SAHM! (Stay at home mom) Who wouldn't want to stay home with him?


Silly Marie said...

Jess, that's excellent!

Juls said...

Yeah! It will be fun watching him grow!