Monday, October 29, 2007

Haunted Corn Maze

This weekend we decided to go to the haunted corn maze up the street from us. Jake and I went with his brothers and sisters. Before we went in I was joking around about getting hurt because I'm so accident prone (not thinking I would actually get hurt)...YEAH ran into the door frame and about knocked myself out. I am aMAZEing.

Here is what happened: I was basically holding Jake in front of me the whole time but holding his jacket, we went into this dark room and I assumed that some scary guy was going to jump out and scare me so as soon as we entered the room I started pushing Jake and yelled RUN! He happened to go out of the room at an angle through the door way and I figured the door frame was at an angle....I ran smack dab into the door frame. My sister-in-law was behind me and came out LAUGHING! She said I looked like one of those cartoons where they run into the wall and then go FLYING backwards. So now I have some war wounds. I big knot in my arm that is turning a beautiful blue color and a goose egg on my head. I got a cool picture with one of the goons though.