Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The wedding

On August 11, 2006 we got married in the Mt. Timpanogos Timple. It was the happiest day of our lives. Everything was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Our session was at 10am, we had a lunch at 2pm, and then our reception was at 7pm. It was the most perfect day ever.

At the reception we got to talk to all our friends and family, I think my favorite part was probably the cake, but that is because I got to smear it all over Jake's face. Some people say I was mean, but he told me to bring it and you just can't let a challenge go like that. So I brought it :)

My brother Dallin caught the bouquet the first time, but since he was a boy the girls convienced him to let me through it again and one of my roommates, Mary, caught it the second time.

Overall it was the best day ever, we got married for eternity. Then throwing in all of our family and friends, it was just one huge party, couldn't ask for anything more!