Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jarren's first road trip and Jake's first Cardinals game.

This past weekend Jake was going to go to Phoenix, AZ and leave me and Jarren at home. Friday right as he was getting ready to leave, I told him I wished I could go with him cause I didn't want to be home alone all weekend. He said "WHY NOT??". So Jarren had his first roadtrip. Poor kid, he hates his car seat now because we were constantly in the car, but he had his first one!

The trip was really short, I wish we could have stayed a little longer and visited some family down there. We left on Friday night, stayed in St. George for the night, woke up the next morning and drove all the way to Phoenix. We made it just in time for me to drop him and his brother and sister off at the game. Then after the game I picked them up and we got food and went to bed. Then we drove all the way back home on Sunday. LOTS of car time!
We had fun in the car though, we saw some cool things. We stopped at the Hover Dam where some of transformers was filmed, it's really pretty there. We also saw this crazy van that was all hippy. We had a lot of fun and got some really good pictures for Jarren's Scrapbook.


Ker said...

Hey Jess- you know what its all about girl! Glad I taught you so well. Its all about the scrapbook and the photos! Glad you had a fun time!

Ker said...

dont forget to add us to your friends and family-so you can check out our blog anytime you want.