Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Weekend

The weekend started off with Jarren getting his 2 month shots on I actually didn't have to be in there, my mom did it :) I had to go across the hall to my appointment, I was having a biopsy and had to fill out a history form so I had to be early.

After all of that we went and spent the weekend in Ogden with Jake's sister and brother-in-law. It was pretty fun, we just hung out all weekend, and relaxed. We were supposed to go to Lagoon on Saturday, but because of Utah's OH so wonderful weather, it got cancelled. The ride up there wasn't as bad as rides lately with Jarren, he complete hates his car seat, but I figure out if I sit in the back seat and entertain him, it is a much better ride. So I got some cute pictures out of that. We found that Jarren has a "dopey" look (left pic). And that he learned to raise his eyebrow(right pic).

Then on Sunday, we had Jarren's blessing. My Aunt Amanda (mom's side) made Jarren his blessing outfit. It was SO cute! Everyone loved it. We called it his "pimp suit". He looked so good in it. And he was such a good boy for his big day. He was a very quiet baby during his blessing, which is good, cause I was worried he was going to cry. The baby that got blessed last week cried during hers. And then afterwards we went to my parents house for a big luncheon with all of our family and friends that came. It was a long weekend, we had lots of fun, but I'm happy to be home and relax just the three of us for a night before another big week. I think General Conference weekend will be a good weekend for just the three of us too...something to look forward to :)


Ker said...

He looks so cute! I wish we could have been there-but we were there in spirit.

Juls said...

did it SNOW there! I think my mom said that it was going!