Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Potty Training...Yikes

We have been trying to potty train Jarren before the baby gets here. He isn't working with us really well and I'm starting to get frustrated. I really don't want to have 2 children in diapers and it would save us a lot of money if he would just do it.

In the last couple days he has pooped his pants 3 times and peed in them twice. UGH! I'm lucky Jake has been here for the poopy ones because I just don't think my prego stomach could handle it. Just the smell sends me running. He will tell us, "big boys potty on the toilet" and "I'm a big boy" but still won't TELL us if he has to go, we have to time him with the timer.

I found a potty chart online that I'm going to try to use with him starting tomorrow. We will see how that goes. Any suggestions on how to potty train a stubborn boy??


The Collins Family said...

Wish i could help, but im in the same boat! Mason has pee'd in the potty quite a few times, and has even told us a few times he needs to go. but He goes through splurts when he does really good and then doesnt want to dot it at all. the potty chart helped for us and a little treat for going. If you find something that works let me know!

Ali Seaman said...

For what it's worth, we started Jake at 2 1/2. I stayed at home for a few days (I already had Alisa, so two in diapers). Anyway, for three or four days he only wore a shirt. I gave him drinks all day--juice, milk, water. I took him to the potty every 20 minutes or so. He sat on the potty backwards, held on to the tank so he felt more stable. Every time he peed, i gave him a little jelly bean or gummy bear. I had a snack ziplock with a bunch of candy for when he pooped. I bribed him. I wouldn't let him wear a diaper or anything. I was lucky that he didn't pee on the floor. Alisa did.

It took a few days for him to poop. He laid on the floor and cried for a diaper (so he could poop) but I told him how fun it was to poop on the potty. We talked about the splash it made--really lame, but I tried to make it fun. I told him it wasn't scary, it was awesome! And he got all that candy. After a couple of days, he went and decided it wasn't scary. After that, it was a matter of watching him.

After the few days at home, he got the hang of it, but still had plenty of pee accidents. If he was wearing undies or pants he'd wet. So any time we were home I did naked potty training. He caught on after a couple of weeks. Three.

My friend told her boy about the poop monster that gets you if you poop in your pants. We tried it. Jake didn't care. It must've been her kid's personality.

Alisa did the little potty. We got a normal one and a couple little ones from Ikea (they're $4 each) and put them around the house. We watched the clock and put her on a little potty during movies, etc. She has an iron bladder, but would eventually go. She had a lot more accidents. She loved the little potty, but we eventually took it away and only let her go on the big potty (once she had it down). There are also good videos for kids at the library. You might try one of those.
Anyway, good luck! It's my least favorite part of parenthood so far, but it's doable! :)

Ali Seaman said...

I forgot to say that once they got the hang of it a little bit, if they didn't remember to ask for a candy, I didn't offer it. Eventually, it got phased out.

Also, I let Jake watch a movie if he went poop on the potty, but not until then (we don't have cable or anything). That was a big motivation.

Christine said...

I read toilet training in less than a day by nathan azrin. Its a tiny book and I got most of the information down while sadie took an afternoon nap. It teaches you to teach your child to have a "doll" go potty. I was so frustrated with it at one time and I didnt speak one word about potties for another 2 weeks and tried again. That helped a lot. I really could say potty training was the hardest thing yet. Hopefully next time is easier for both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

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Jaime said...

Stumbled across your blog. I am the mother of three - two being boys. The Peter Potty worked wonders. My boys loved it and couldn't wait to go potty in it. You might try it. You should be able to find it at major retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. Both of my boys potty trained between 2 and 2 1/2. Good luck!