Thursday, March 11, 2010

Freezer Meals (Once a month cooking)

Hey, anyone out there know some good freezer meals? I'm looking to prepare and freeze some meals before the baby is born so that Jake can cook for them if I'm too tired or busy with the baby, etc.

I'm going to make breakfast burritos and bean & cheese burritos, because Jake and Jarren love those. So I can buy in bulk and make a bunch and freeze them. This way the two of them aren't living off of chips and cookies. I mean honestly, those of you that know Jake, know that it would be sugar all day everyday if he could have it.

So any ideas? Cheap and Easy preferably :)

P.S. Check out my photo blog, I just did a newborn's pictures and it made me WAY baby hungry. I'm ready for this little guy to be here!


The Stells! said...

i have found lasagna freezes really well! let me know if you need a recipe for it!

daniel said...
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Amy said...

Before I had my daughter, I made
*lasagne-freezes well- put into smaller portions and just reheat
*Marinaded, grilled chicken- easy to defrost and add to quesadillas, salads, pasta & sauce meals
*Spaghetti sauce in 2-3 portion sizes (noodles are easy to make!)
*Enchiladas- I made up the actual enchiladas (meat, cheese, tomatoes & a little enchilada sauce, plus I add grated carrot just for an extra veggie) and roll them up, fold the ends up and them that way. All my hubby had to do was defrost them (in the fridge all day) and then pour the sauce over them and bake.
*I also stocked up on "man food", like italian sausage, burgers, etc.- stuff that my husband could cook on the grill and feed both of us.
Hope this helps. I know I was really grateful to have meals in the freezer for those days that I was too sleep deprived to do much more than hit "defrost" on the microwave!
Good luck!

nicki said...

my mom has an entire book for meals to freeze, you should come over they have a copier. . to copy things. . .out of books. .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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