Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun weekend

We had a really fun busy weekend. It was Jake's 5 day weekend so he didn't have to work at all. He doesn't go back til Wednesday but he has lawns to mow all day tomorrow so to me...he's back at work.

Anyway on friday our friend Jessica Stell and her very cute baby, Jackie, came over. We went swimming in our pool. The babies kept switching back and forth with who was tired and who was hyper. First Jackie was tired and Jarren was hyper and then Jarren was tired and Jackie was hyper. They finally played together when we went inside and talked in the living room. It was a lot of fun and we are hoping to get them together more often. Jackie is only 3 days older than Jarren so they play well together. Besides the fact that Jackie loves to hug Jarren and Jarren likes to hit her. ...Boys will be boys.

Then on Saturday, Jake's sisters Kati and Crystal went shopping with me to find stuff to make baby shower invitations for Mindy's baby shower. I'm pretty proud of the mock invitations I made so they can pick the lay out. They are all very cute and I can't even decide which one I like better. After that we went to a chinese buffet with Rob, Jake and Jarren. It was delicious. Then Kati and Crystal went and picked up their little brothers and we played basketball out on our court at our apt. I haven't played ball in SO long. It was a lot of fun besides the fact it was 90 something degrees outside or hotter. I think I sweat everything out of me that I drank that day. Then since it was so hot we decided to take them all swimming in the pool. Especially since Jarren loved it so much the day before. It was a lot of fun.

After swimming, Nicki came over and Rob, Jake, Nicki and I went to the PG carnival. Me and Nicki rode 3 rides for $10...expensive carnival! Anyway those were fun besides the fact it was the first time I ever felt sick on a carnival ride...odd.

Then we went to Dennys to get some food where we met Nicki's new friend Tony...Who taught her how to do something cool the next night when they hung out. Check out her blog story for that info.

On sunday it was more of a relaxing day. In the afternoon we finished the second season of now we need to start the 3rd season. Go us.


Coleen & Todd said...

your little guy is getting so big. He's a doll. I can't wait until I can take Jake swimming too. That motion sickness at the carnival is strange.... I wonder if it's one of those changes in your body after having a baby or something. I hope it was a one time fluke!