Friday, April 11, 2008

Who needs a barber?

So I was sitting and looking at Jarren's hair today while he was crawling on the floor. It was starting to get long. ..but I love his long hair, it's so soft, baby's hair is lovely. Anyway, I was going to wait until he hit a year old to cut it but I decided, he probably can't go another 3 months without being mistaken as a girl. So...I pulled out the clippers!

He did very well at first. I think he liked the vibrating of the clippers on his scalp. So I was able to get the top done, then we moved to the sides and he started getting restless. He kept moving and putting his head and body in weird positions, was he going to make this easy for me? No.

Finally after I got done with the sides and had to move to the back he was practically making it impossible. So I had Jake hang him upside down, It worked GREAT! Jarren had an upside down haircut for his first haircut. I had to use the scissors for his hair by his ears and on the back of his neck, but he didn't move at all. Such a good little boy :)

I will miss his beautiful strawberry blonde locks.


Jess Derek and Jacquelyn said...

sooo not fair Poor Jackie really does not have much hair at all i have to put bows in her hair so people know she is a girl! lol

Jess Derek and Jacquelyn said...

i would love to come to one of those meetings just let me know when and where i would want to come on tuesday, i will try to bring Derek if i can get a sitter thanks :)