Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Car accidents and spring time

So I suppose I will start with the bad news. A 16 year old girl tried to merge into us yesterday about 20 feet from our Apt. on our way home from our meeting last night. I feel bad for her, when her dad showed up he wasn't very nice to her. It just reminded me of when I crashed my dad's 1972 chevy pick up..classic! And when he saw the truck his first reaction was to make sure I was ok. I'm greatful for that. Poor girl. Good news about the situation is it is all fixed now. Her dad buffed my car and after buffing it saw there was actually a pretty good dent in it so he called a guy to come fix it at my apt and it looks brand new now. The red rectangle is where the dent once was.

ALSO, this morning when I woke up for Jarren's 6am feeding I looked out our window and thought I saw snow on the tree and ground...I was sad. Then when I woke up at 8 I discovered it was blossoms! YAY SPRINGTIME! ...though it will probably snow again soon. For some reason Utah likes to snow, I don't like it. My beautiful tree outside my window will go from this:

to this --->

In the blink of an eye.


Kaakun said...

did they call back today and say...hey are you ok?

once in japan... i got hit by a car... the lady brought me all this fruit and stuff... it rocked. i dont know how she knew where we lived... maybe she google LDS missionaries in toyooka?!

was way better than getting my car hit by a stupid teenager... all that got me was a broken side mirror and a "new" poorly painted side door panel.

Tristan & Jennifer said...

Oh, poor girl! I feel so bad for her! But I'm glad you are okay.

I know what you mean about that crappy snow! It looks like a January snowstorm up here in Logan today -- and it's almost MAY! I took pictures to blog later...

Reagan and Jon said...

Yeah, what is with the winter weather! ahhhhhhh driving me nuts!