Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time Flies

So one of my goals to myself was to keep blogger updated as much as possible, in the last two weeks I have failed at that. I can't believe how time flies once you have kids. And I only have ONE! You people with more than one amaze me. Congrats to all of you.

So to update you on the last two weeks of funness in my life. I have been working for my dad doing trusts like crazy, and at the same time trying to start my business at WFG. Along with that I've been chasing around my little boy who is much smarter than he should be. He seems to think he is an adult like the rest of the world so he should be walking around like the rest of them. So now he crawls over to anything he can pull himself up to a standing position with (ex. couch, walker, banana chair) and he stands up and walks around it. We have encountered many bumps/scratches/brusies with this advanced skill of his. He isn't even 8 months yet! On top of it all he thinks big people good is ok to eat, so we have started him on gerber stars, french fries and his favorite..pickles. Yum. Other than that I make him stick to just baby food. One day my day.

Anyway, I had strep throat last week. That was fun...not. It was the worse strep throat I've ever had. Couldn't eat/swallow/talk/breath. I had a highish fever and on top of it all...I had Jarren. Who needs all the attention so my head was spinning a bit. It is still spinning trying to get everything organized after being out for almost a full week.

Then, since the weather has been nice we decided to get Jarren out of the house and take a trip to the zoo with our good friends Nicki and Logan. He didn't like the sun much. He hasn't really ever spent time in it. He was born towards the middle of the summer last year and stayed inside out of the heat and then inside all winter so this was really his first "outting" in the sun. He hates it in his eyes...throws a fit. But here are some good pictures from the experience. I'm sure we will go many more times this summer.

And last but not least...Shannon. If you are reading this, I LOVE your photography. I would really like to have you do Jarren's pictures so...if you are reading this, please respond and let me know if you can do it. I would love you forever.

Oh and a side note to Kirk...I'm terribly sorry that I didn't write for two weeks. I don't know what you did without me. But hopefully I'm back now. Have a lovely night.


Trish said...

Jarren and I had a talk yesterday, and we are planning several trips to the zoo this summer along with the lake and lots of backyard fun too. Grandma will get him a pair of sunglasses. He will be sooo cool and won't mind the sun. Can't wait!!

Shannon said...

I would LOVE to take your baby's pictures!! I just posted some new pictures of Brea's family on my blog, so you'll have to check those out too. If it's just pictures of Jarren then I charge $70, if it's all three then it would be $85 for one location. I have a few locations that I really like so we'll chat about that. Let me know what you think. Good to hear from you! Shan

Reagan said...

I am glad you are feeling better! Jarren is getting so big!!! cute zoo pics!

Tristan & Jennifer said...

I was wondering where you went to! If I hadn't seen you last week, I would have thought that you fell of the planet! Cute new blog, by the way. And cute baby! :)