Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Extra Money

So I signed up under my sister for this program called gypsybug.com. Basically you can make an extra $40-$400 a month. Gypsybug.com is an online Classified Ad's Website. Basically they pay you to advertise for them by placing their sticker in your window. You do not need to use the big sticker they send you in the start pack (Starter pack is $19.95) You can make your own, which can be smaller, but must be readable.

Qualifications to start getting paid: You need to sign up 3 people under you, Place the sticker in your window and send them a picture of it with your license plate number, place an ad on their website (which really doesn't need to be an ad, it can be a recipe for example. I put on my chicken enchilada's)

Also, if you can't find three people to sign up, you can call the company and they will sign three people up under you, they just won't be in your area. If you sign up the three people you get a gauranteed $40 a month and if you sign up 10 people it will be $400 a month, then there are the prices in between which I'm not sure of. If anyone is interested in the program to make some extra money for gas, food, house payments whatever...let me know.


Nicki said...

thank you so much for posting that beautiful picture of me on your blog page. . .oh and I decided you should turn that umbrella picture into jones soda .. I bet you a million dollars they would take it. .or maybe one dollar

Saph said...

Hi - I found you through a search on google. Was wondering if you are still with gypsybug and are getting paid or not. Sounds like a scam cause you have to recruit 3 people before you can get paid.