Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Jarren's new favorite thing: Bathtime.

If he is screaming, I put him the the bath...suddenly he's all smiles.

If he's throwing a fit, I put him in the bath.

If he's dirty I put him in the bath.

He also loves his blue duck.


Jess Derek and Jacquelyn said...

dude you have no water in your tub! Jackie throws a fit if there's not enough water in there lol she gets cold i think but she loves baths too!

Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

I can't believe he's sitting up. So cute! My kids always love the bath, too. It's the best when they're freaking out. Hey! I got Ali's post. Sorry! I made my blog semi-private and sent invites to whomever I had email addresses to. I don't think I have your email. So! Click on my blogger name (on this post: Jacqui) and there' a link on my profile to email me. I'll send you an invite to view my blog as soon as I get an email. THANKS! and sorry for the hassle. :) Cute kid. Happy V-day!