Saturday, July 10, 2010

8 Weeks

We are alive! I promise. I can't believe Madden is already 8 weeks. Time has flown by. It has taken a bit to get used to having 2 kids for us, and I'm still struggling with the lack of sleep thing, but we are coming along. Madden is such a happy baby, he has been smiling since birth. He has now started smiling, on purpose, when he sees me or Jake. He also loves to just sit with his daddy while he's doing homework. This is a common scene.

Jarren has adjusted great to having a brother. He loves him!! He loves to hug him, kiss him and hold him. He has even tried to carry him to me when I was in the other room. That was a nice little heart attack for me when I walked into the room they were in. In Jake's words "at least he was carrying him right side up!" I would have to agree.