Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It hurts to tell you "I told you so"

During the Superbowl last night Jarren was standing in front of the TV spinning in circles. I asked him to stop because I could just picture him falling and hitting his head (he's really good at falling down). He told me "no mom!" so I let him continue for a minute and was about to ask him to stop again when he fell and hit his head on our coffee table. He smacked right next to his eye on the very edge of the table. It was one of the worst noises ever! It instantly started bruising, I've never seen a bruise come on that fast. I felt so bad for him, I scooped him up right away and just started hugging him. I wanted to cry cause I could imagine the pain he was in. Jake jumped up and grabbed a bag of frozen veggies out of the freezer and stuck it on.

He wouldn't let us keep it on long but I told him if he wanted to hold it on he could. He did that for another minute, but couldn't take the cold so he stopped. Then we gave him some tylenol for the pain. I felt bad for my little man, I wish he would just learn to listen to me!
The first picture is right after it happened:
This was the next morning right after he woke up:
And this one is a little bit more into the day:
He's officially had his first black eye! So sad :(


Sean and Ali said...

oh ouch!! That hurts, for him and mom! He seems like a tough one!

xantogal said...

Yikes! Hopefully he'll remember this and listen to you next time you say to stop...
Hope he gets better soon!

Havskatten said...

'Course it hurts! It's good for him to learn, first hand, that he can be hurt when he does a stupid thing.
A bruise is no big deal for a child.
To overprotect children leaves them handicaped as adults. Better to have a bruise or two as a child...