Tuesday, November 3, 2009


(For Journal Purposes)
My new favorite things Jarren does:
  • He can count to 8 by himself, keeping the numbers in order, he does this almost all day long.
  • I LOVE to hear him say tickle. It comes out "tea-ckle", it's the cutest!
  • He says his nightly prayers, and my favorite part is when he says Jesus. He says it so well and I love it!
  • He loves to draw and he's pretty good at it! He concentrates very hard when he's doing it.
  • His new favorite game to play is "war" with Uno cards with his dad. He does it all by himself when Jake is at work, but gets soooo excited when Jake will play it with him.


xantogal said...

How cute! I love watching kids grow up :)