Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"BOU Football"

Yes, you read that correct. Jarren is obsessed with "BOU Football". Jake has season tickets to BYU football with our friend Jason, who takes his three kids. So, Jake takes Jarren. All week long I hear about going to BOU Football. Anytime we get ready to leave the house he says he's going to football.

He loves to do anything his daddy does. Baseball and BYU football being the top two. If I'm not tricky when getting him dressed he would end up wearing his BYU shirt and BYU hat EVERYDAY! So I come up with reasons why he can't. Especially after he's worn it two days in a row because I don't want to fight with him about it. He wears his BYU hat 5 days out of the week and his spiderman hat the rest of the time. He is a hat lover, just like his dad.

*Side note: Jarren just woke up while I was writing this, so it reminds me. I don't know what to do anymore, I can't have two kids waking up at night when the baby comes. Jarren used to be such a good sleeper until about 1 year old. Then it went down hill. He wakes up 2+ times a night. Usually it's just 2, but some nights it's worse. It's usually like clock work too. First time he wakes up is around 12am. Then he wakes up sometime between me going to sleep around 12 or 1 and Jake getting home at 8am. He just comes and crawls in bed with me, without waking me up half the time. I don't know he's there til morning. I don't know how to break him of this. ESPECIALLY since I'm not awake half the time. Any ideas?

On a more serious note. Jake and I have a friend we grew up with that has gotten pneumonia and then got H1N1. She has been in a medically induced coma since I believe Sunday Morning sometime. The doctors say she is currently stable but aren't sure if she is going to pull through or not. She is such a happy fun person. She can make anyone laugh and I just can't believe that she is going through this. Please keep her in your prayers. The blog where her family is keeping everyone updated is this http://carolynjerusha.blogspot.com/ If you want to read up on her condition or are interested in what is going on they update it pretty often.


xantogal said...

Your boys are growing up so big and handsome... :)

The Ostlers said...

i love it. teach em young and you guys can watch games WITH them instead of trying to keep them entertained. haha. we kept a child lock on M's door so she couldnt get out now that shes in a toddler bed. it worked. we took it off a couple weeks ago and shes been doing great. she only comes into our room in the morning. but she dosent get up in the middle of the night though, so i dont know if that iwll help.

Ali said...

I was trying to find the blog for this idea, but can't. Basically, you attach a nightlight to a timer from the hardware store. You explain the rule that when the nightlight is on, it's time to be in their bed. When it goes off (set it for when they wake up or when you'd like them to) they can come to your room. So it may take a little or a lot to break the habit, but it sounds like it works. Just explain that the nightlight is still on so that means it's time to be in bed.
Good luck. It's a hard thing to break.

I did the toddler lock to put Jake to bed, but not all night, just in case something happened. It just takes some diligence. Scott lets them into our bed. I do not. Congratulations on your pregnancy!