Friday, August 14, 2009

3 years and 3 days ago

We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

August 11, 2006

Three years in review.... Time has flown by so fast. I can't believe it's been three years. Jake and I went to Vegas over the weekend until Wednesday to celebrate our three year anniversary. Jake had never been and it's only 5.5 hours away, so it was a great little vacation. Thanks to our families who took Jarren during that time. Anyway, the review. About three months after we were married we got pregnant. He was originally due August 16, 2007, but if you know Jarren at all, you know he has a mind of his own and thought he wanted to come before that. So on July 27th my water broke and he put me into labor for 21 hours before finally entering our world and changing our lives forever. So not quite a year after we were married, July 28th, 2007 he was born.

He's always been a really good baby.

We just had his 2nd birthday party in July, I haven't been able to stay up on my blogging obviously...maybe one day I'll get back to that. So here is his happy birthday post as well. We love you Jarren!

He has grown up so much, we can't believe it. He has to be a big boy and do everything we do. He even uses deodurant every day because we put it on, so he has to put it on. He's very good about brushing his teeth also....usually 3-4 times a day. haha.
Anyway, we have had our ups and downs, just like everyone else. We have moved 3 times in three years, currently living with my parents. It adds stress, but we have learned over the last few months just how much we really do love each other, through thick and thin.

We've gone through different jobs, starting up businesses, paying off debt (half way done! WOOT WOOT!), getting a home, getting out of a home, starting school, starting school again, vacations, HUGE family holidays, struggles with communication, an infant/baby/toddler/2 year going on 20 year old, Ulcers, Concussions, many, many...MANY doctors visits, bad decisions, good decisions and much much more. We've learned that God has a plan for us, whether it has a lot of ups and downs or not, we need to hold onto each other. We are the complete opposite of each other and the perfect match for each other. Many times we find ourselves saying things like "Don't you think it's odd that I'm _____ and you are ______, and even though it's the complete opposite, it works so well together?" He is everything that I am not, and I'm everything that he is not...I know, cheesy, but true! No wonder I've chased him for almost 10 years. I knew what I needed.

We struggle with taking pictures together...
obviously we can't get it right no matter how many times we try :)

This was at the M&M factory in Vegas.

Love you baby!
Happy 3 year anniversary.
Here's to eternity!


Nicki said...

I lol'ed. this is nicki. i forgot my password.

The Ostlers said...

hey! nice pictures!! :D shawn just got me a new computer so i can start up my photography again. D: im so excited! congrats on the anniversary!! i love the smiling pic of Jarren. and Shawn has the same shirt as Jake! its one of my favorites on him. :D glad all is goingwell.