Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty Training

Jarren has been going "peepee on the potty"! I'm so happy. He's shown an interest in the toilet for like the last 3-4 months but hasn't ever gone. When we were in AZ, he went 3 times in one day and then went a couple times a day all of the other days! YAY! I've heard that potty training a boy is usually harder but he isn't even 2 yet and he's going. He does NOT like the "training potty's" He has to use the big people ones. Everytime we take his diaper off "pee pee. pee pee!" and he runs to the toilet. Last night I was moving him to his bed after he was asleep and I changed his diaper cause he was still in a swim diaper and I hear this half asleep "pee pee" so I took him in to the toilet and he went for a long time!! haha even in his sleep he does it. to convience a over worked tired husband to keep this up while I'm at work. This morning when he got home I heard Jarren say pee pee and heard Jake say "you went earlier bud." I was like NO Get him on that toilet!


Juls said...

That is the best when they are potty trained and it sounds like he is ready! It is hard though when you are the only one on board!