Monday, June 22, 2009

Horrible horrible blogger!

That would be me. I have a lot to catch you up on, but I hate doing long posts with no pictures, so I will number the updates and make them short.

1. We moved out of our house and in with my parents. Jumping into a house too soon = too much debt.

2. We are not pregnant and don't know when we will try to be. Maybe after all our debt is paid off.

3. Photography is doing...ok. Not fantastic, need more clients. The more the marrier :)

4. Lawncare is doing good. We have exactly the same amount of clients as we did last year. Again..the more the marrier so send them our way :)

5. Jarren is using more words, more often. Still not really forming sentences, but we are getting there. He whines if he knows someone will give him stuff without making him use words, WE make him use them so sometimes he gets frustrated.

6. Jake is ALWAYS tired.

7. My allergies have gone HAYWIRE. They have put fluid in my ears, created cold like symptoms and are completely draining me. I have no energy at all.

8. My baby is going to be turning 2 in one month. ONE MONTH! I remember being pregnant and thinking it would never end...and now he's going to be 2.!

9. Addictions are BAD. My new addictions: LOST

10. Jarren calls everyone on my phone list. Brittney being the number one request since she moved to texas in May and Kacy being the number two request because he likes dancing to her ring tone.

The end for now. Any questions? I'll post pictures tonight.


Juls said...

It;s good to hear from you again~ if you want any cherries we have TONS!