Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proposition 8

Today in RS we had a great lesson. We weren't going to go to church cause we over slept, into sacrament meeting but I got us up and we made it in time for Sunday School.

This whole Proposition 8 thing has had me going back and forth for a while. I didn't like HOW involved the church was getting in it. It seemed like they were getting very pushy with it in California with church members. I believed the as a church we aren't supposed to get very political. We can be as individuals but I just didn't think the first presidency should be telling the members what we should do. (free agency and blah blah blah)....ANYWAY

In RS this topic got brought up, and I'm so happy it did. It's changed my entire perspective on it. Just from one sentence. When we were talking about it a lady raised her hand and said "God speaks through the prophet, if Jesus were the one going from door to door, or even just asking you to vote for it, would you say no?" That hit me really hard. I never thought about it like that and I don't know why I haven't. I've been very stupid about it all. Also another woman stated "We can love the people who struggle with same sex attraction, we just don't need to love what they do." I love all the smart ladies in my ward.

So now, I'm for proposition 8 100%. Though, I'm not going to voice my opinion all day everyday, I just don't find it necessary, I will support it.

**Edit for Kirk**
I know I do not live in California, this does not mean I cannot SUPPORT proposition 8. And, it's more like I'm supporting the church's stand on it. You can support the church no matter where you live. I'm sorry you like to keep state's separate, especially since Utah is soooo terrible. But I still stand the same. I hope everyone, everywhere in the United States takes a stand on it, one way or the other.


Kaakun said...

getting all political eh?

I never quite understood the involvement from people NOT in CA...

people joing I'm voting yes on Prop 8 facebook groups... yet they can't vote yes on b/c they in UT... hmm whatever.

then watching how violent all the polyticking can be... awesome.

Kaakun said...


Reuven said...

It's really been all settled. Most True Christians are voting NO on proposition 8

Jess Derek and Jackie said...

how was your first day at work?

Vishous said...

Did the prophet really say something about it? I don't think I heard anything from him.

Here is how I view it... (just some food for thought)

I figure that living in America we believe in freedom. In the past generations we have all battled this issue (blacks, and women suffrage) In this generation we are dealing with gays getting married.

I believe we are not America if we do not give everyone the right to get married to whoever they like. I mean are gay people really that bad to where they dont deserve happiness to?

I'm not saying you need to believe that being gay or getting married to your same sex is ok either. I do believe that you nor I have the right to take away someone elses free agency. I mean God did give that gift to us after all. Who are we to take it away?

I say let God deal with someones elses choices whether they be good or bad.

Jacqui said...

Jessica, you are RIGHT ON. Everyone needs to take a stand on these moral issues and quit making it a political "we live in America, so we should have the right to do whatever we want" blah-blah. You are right, the church is right, and the amazing thing is we have a prophet who we sustain as a seer, revelator, and one who will speak for God. The prophet did not speak directly to the main body of the church, but he spoke to the stake presidents and bishops, who then spoke to the members.

You rock, girl. Good for you for going with the spirit on this matter. Ali and JAred have had to put up with some MAJOR crap about it. Read mine or Ali's blogs for more info.

Glad your job is going well. All the best to you!

Jacqui said...

P.S. One more thought. I read this today, and I just thought I'd pass it on. It's about "rights" in America. "Even "rights" have restrictions. The right to bear arms, the right of free speech, the right against unreasonable search & seizure ALL have limitations and/or restrictions that society as a whole feels are necessary and out weigh the right of the individual."

So even the "right" of marriage should (and is) restricted. Men have the right to marry women, and vice versa. Most of society has deemed that is the only right people have. You can live in sin all you want, but at least we have some regulations on what is considered marriage.

(And this was supposed to be just one thought...but here's another one.) Also, SOMEONE's beliefs are being put into LAW. So why would you not lobby for your beliefs? The correct, moral beliefs? Why let someone else push their liberal agenda on the rest of society? Thank GOD, literally, that moral people stood up and voted for the right.

We have to make a decision and stand up for these things, even if we are not directly voting on them. Someday, we just might have to...

Okay, I will end this long epistle. :)