Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big Boy!

Jarren is getting so big and learning so many new things I can hardly believe it!

Some new things Jarren is doing or has been doing for about a month:

1. Holding his own bottle (most the time)
2. Laughing really hard when we do something funny or undress/dress him
3. Grabbing everything and shoving it into his mouth
4. Putting his arms out when he wants us
5. Rolling across the floor
6. Eating cereal and last week the doc had me start him on veggies (we've been trying out peas)
7. Talking really loud so everyone will pay attention to him
8. Raising his eyebrows for certain expressions
9. Sitting up on our laps on his own (he doesn't like leaning back he has to be leaning forward)
10. Standing on the ground holding onto our fingers

He is such a big boy and he knows it. He wants to be doing all the big boy things. Doesn't like just sitting there if he can help it. Tonight Jake was standing Jarren up on his lap and Jarren would bend his knees and Jake would "blast" him up into the air and Jarren thought it was so funny! He would come back down and bend his knees again cause he knew that meant he would get blasted off into the air. Jake probably did this about 20 times over and over again then his arms got tired and had to stop, Jarren was upset about that.


Collins said...

Wow! he is a big boy, and a fast learner! before you know he will be running around! what a cutie! Oh yes Mason does have a mohawk. it grows that way so we just kinda play with it. haha...I hope eventually it will all grow in!